Beauty is Born from a Beautiful Place


In pursuit of beauty,
our mothers have cast a beautiful spell in the mirrors they’ve looked through.
Mother Mirror was created in hopes that it will become a beautiful place.
A place, across generations, where our mothers’ beauty will inspire
those who sit before the mirror; a place,
where time has a magical sparkle.



  • 160407_0963-椅子あり
  • “Irodori” (Graceful Colors)

    Lit by the elegant weaving of lights, this vanity mirror resembles a jewel, veiling those before the mirror with its graceful colors of light, bringing forth the unique inner beauties of each soul.

    Vanity table
    size: 27.55”H × 21.65”D × 63”H
    weight: 117lbs.

    size: 17.71”W × 14.56”D × 17.71”H
    weight: 18lbs.

    ¥2,950,000 (tax excluded)
    The product is limited to 21. Engraved numbers.
    (Normally, delivery is made 3 months after order.)


Shingo Kawamura
Mother Mirror Founder/Make-up Artist

Born in Tokyo in 1984. Kawamura’s sense of beauty grew during his childhood, as he witnessed his mother, gracefully seated before the vanity mirror that was handed down to her by her mother. Naturally, Kawamura went on to pursue the art of makeup, starting his career in 2006 at Giorgio Armani Cosmetics. After joining as a faculty member of “Bijuku” in 2009, he launched the “Shingo Kawamura Make-up Style” workshop in 2013, where he teaches how to bring out the unique beauties of each individual. He has taught over 8,000 people to date.


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